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Men’s Health: Tips to Optimise Your Nutrition

The old saying that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” seems to apply when it comes to nutrition.Whilst women tend to fret about their weight and pore over food labels, men often have a more relaxed attitude when it comes to their diets. Maybe it’s because most guys burn through calories a lot faster than women do –so they figure they can get away with eating whatever they want. More..

Protein, Energy and a Great Taste All in One: Introducing New High Protein Iced Coffee

Whilst many coffee drinkers still prefer black coffee in its most natural form, coffee consumption has evolved over the years. Today, the market offers many caffeinated beverages that include sugar, fat and calories, which can offset the inherent benefits of caffeine, such as alertness and a feeling of increased energy. But what if there was an alternative that tasted great, was low fat, quick to make and packed with protein supplementation and energy all in one? More..

Can Nutrition Education Fight Off Obesity?

Throughout the year, you will find commemorations of various health issues, from heart health to diabetes, from obesity to general nutrition. While all have important messages that are designed to remind consumers of the importance and impact of good health, we should be asking why we are limiting these important messages to just one day, week, or month. Good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle should be top-of-mind year-round. More..

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